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I have recently completed my doctorate in composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, investigating the manipulation of time as a primary organising factor in musical composition. Through a series of compositions which exhibit and combine together various different ways in which musical time can be perceived, my doctorate aimed to confront, interrogate, and in some cases subvert my own past tendencies in search of a music whose engagement with time is lively and multidimensional.  My doctoral research explored the ways in which past composers and theorists have investigated and understood musical time, focussing in particular on ideas put forward by Gérard Grisey and Jonathan Kramer, as well as generating, combining, and implementing such ideas through the act of composition.  


This project was supervised by Professor Julian Anderson and Dr Edmund Finnis, and kindly supported by the Guildhall School Trust and the Mountsorrel Education Fund.  

Further Research Interests

I maintain a number of research interests which I explore through composition.  Many of these were explored through my doctoral research.  My research interests include:

  • Musical time, temporality, and directionality

  • Spatial Music

  • Spectralism

  • Bells and bell ringing

  • 'Synthrumentation' (synthesising sounds using acoustic instruments and ensembles)

  • Microtonality and tuning systems

  • Approaches to structure, tonality, and transformation in the works of Nielsen, Sibelius, and Robert Simpson

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